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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick-or-Treating Brandon

What a windy day it was! Brandon went to school early morning and I dressed him in his Elmo costume. This was last year's costume. Since the Bumblebee Transformer costume was a bit chunky to wear in class, I just let him be Elmo for the morning.

Later in the afternoon, I dressed up Brandon in his Bumblebee Transformer costume because he wanted that. We went to Brentwood Centre for trick-or-treating since it was the closest mall. It started at 4pm, but most of the shops were out of treats by 4:30pm. It was really busy with lots of parents and kids, but Brandon had fun getting his treats.

After that, we went home. It was rush hour traffic so it was horrible and took us a while. Brandon wanted to suck on a lollipop during the ride home. I checked it before I gave it to him.

When we got home, I made dinner for the hubby before he went out to go to his photography class. Such a coincidence that he had school the night of Halloween. Otherwise we all would've went house-to-house trick-or-treating together. We did a bit of fireworks just before hubby left. At the end, we held sparklers. I left my camera in the house, so I had to use my crappy camera phone.

That evening, Brandon stuck on "bug" stickers on our little pumpkin. I decided not to carve it. I think I'll do some cooking or baking with it in the next few days.

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Maple Leaf Mommy said...

Oh I love the sticker idea! I have to try and sell my girls on that next year, then I can carve it up for pie.

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