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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chin Rash is Getting All Better

Remember my previous posts about Brandon's chin rash? He had a bit of a rash and infection that wouldn't go away. Few days ago on Friday (been almost a week now), I took him for his follow-up appointment with the dermatologist at BC Children's Hospital. I told the doctor that his chin rash has gotten worse since the last time she saw. Brandon chin did get better when he was taking the oral antibiotics for his sudden viral rash over his body.

He was using the expensive Elidel cream that didn't seem to make any dramatic improvements. Now, he's using an ointment that I think is working quite effectively. What he's using is Elicom ointment and the Fucidin ointment (antibiotic). We had given Brandon the Fucidin CREAM before, but the ointment is better since it keeps the skin lubricated. It's a little bit of a greasy-type like vaseline.

I am so relieved that Brandon's rash is finally getting better and that finally we've found the ointment that works.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Playground Fun at Guildford Mall

Brandon was excited to see daddy home because daddy had the week off before starting his new job at his current workplace. Daddy took us to the Guildford Mall in Surrey for the day and some quality time.

While we were inside the mall, we passed by a play area that I thought looked pretty cute and such a cool design. Sorry for the crappy quality. I forgot to bring my camera. Instead, I used my cell phone to take the pictures and video.

Here's the video I took. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

And here is Brandon having ice-cream (his very own ice-cream cone for the first time) after playing at the playground. Look at that messy face!

Coloring time! There were tables and chairs where kids can color and benches where adults can watch the soccer competition on the big screen.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Spontaneous Road Trip to Whistler, BC

Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day weekend. We did a lot of activities, including an unexpected road trip to Whistler. Again, another spontaneous moment that hubby didn't tell us where he was driving us to. I was assuming (thinking to myself) that he was taking us to the Park Royal Mall in West Vancouver, or Whyte Cliff Park.

We arrived in Whistler and planned to stop and walk around Whistler Village. It was about a 2-hour drive from North Vancouver. It was still a little bit windy with a bit of sunshine, but overall it was a perfect day.

Everything was new to Brandon and he enjoyed his little walk around the village. He kept pointing out the dogs that the other people were walking with; lots of people with doggies. Brandon had a chance to go up and close to one and pet a nice fluffy dog.

And here we are back home in Vancouver having dinner and relaxing at The Keg by the Park Royal Mall in West Vancouver. A nice Happy Father's Day dinner and pic with our little Brandon. Sorry for the blurry pic. I forgot to turn on the flash and this was the only best photo.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day everyone (especially all the dads out there)! So how did you celebrate this special day? We spent Saturday at the mall with our little Brandon, went to the park, and had ice-cream at Dairy Queen after. It was a hot day, so ice-cream was refreshing.

Here is Brandon's creation for daddy:

During our afternoon at Lansdowne Mall, we always had to stop by the Toys-R-Us store just for Brandon. There were playhouse displayed just outside the entrance and Brandon had some fun playing in it for a while. It was a little expensive to get, but I wonder if I should find a used one... hm.... Brandon has so many toys already and I recently bought him a train table tho. Well, I took some photos because it was really cute!

Then later on we had a fancy dinner out at West Restaurant while we left Brandon with his grandparents for a short bit just for a little quality time with the hubby.

Lately, I've been feeling a little pressured and indecisive about having a 2nd child. When people ask, I tell them I'm not having any more kids. Now, some of my friends and relatives had or having their 2nd baby already; and my hubby wants to give Brandon a sister or brother.

I'm actually feeling scared about it. My list of reasons for being indecisive:
- afraid of the pain
- afraid of the headaches & frustration
- afraid I can't go back to work in a long time (I need income and single income isn't enough to raise 2 kids)
- afraid of being tied down

The only positive reason:
- a sibling for Brandon to play with and share stuff

How do you moms and dads handle with multiple kids? Anyways, it's late in the middle of the night and I should get some rest.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mother Goose Program at Frog Hollow

So it was the last session for the Mother Goose Program at Frog Hollow. Everyone reviewed the songs learned and sung them all out. Some of the songs were in Chinese so I was still having a hard time remembering. The English songs were easy.

After the circle-time with the singing and dancing, we took a break and had some snacks. Some of the mums brought snacks to share and I brought a banana fruit as well as some gifts for everyone. After we finished eating, we gathered around for talks and take photos.

Though it was my first time joining, it was a fun program. Too bad I missed a few sessions because Brandon got sick. I hope there will be another one soon (I was told around September 2010). I would like to give thanks to Manda and Kathleen for their organizing.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Spontaneous Cross-Border Road Trip

It was late morning when daddy decided to take us on a spontaneous cross-border road trip to the States in Bellingham, WA. Daddy had the week off work so Brandon got to spend more fun time with the family altogether. I didn't plan to buy anything, but just thought about looking at things we might need such as clothing, shoes, kids stuff.

Target was my favorite shopping place. I bought a few bottles of Gerber baby juice (one of each flavor) for Brandon. We can't buy them in Canada or anywhere in Vancouver as I haven't seen any. We only get the Heinz apple juices.

After having lunch and walking around Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham, we drove down to the Seattle Premium Outlets. It was still early in the afternoon, so we took our time browsing around the shops and let Brandon go on the rides.

It rained on and off. Then it was sunny. It was weird. The weather couldn't make up its mind. All of a sudden at one point, it rained hard. We stood under the covers and along the sides while we walked around the outlet mall.

Brandon didn't mind the rain because he was enjoying the rides and the little amusement sections.

Soon it was close to dinner time. We drove back to Bellis Fair Mall and had buffet dinner at the Old Country Buffet restaurant. Great value and the food was decent. There wasn't a large dessert selection though. We've never tried eating there before, so it was our first time at the restaurant there. Brandon was starting to become picky with vegetables and meat (oh noes!). He did eat a bit, but ate most of the casserole and mac & cheese. Of course, his favorite was the peaches and jello dessert (at least he got some fruits).

After having a big buffet dinner, we walked around the mall for a while and then let Brandon enjoy the kids play area. I was so full I needed to sit down and relax. Brandon had too much fun on the playground that he didn't want to leave.

We had a tiring day, so we decided to skip the Frog Hollow Family Drop-In the rest of the week so we can sleep in.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Day at Richmond Centre Mall

Lately, Brandon has been waking up at 4am in the morning. I'm not sure why. Brandon was up again and crawled out of bed to grab his books. I was still half asleep and he kept piling his books on top of me. I guess he probably didn't get enough of his bedtime story ???. hehe...

Daddy had the day off so we went to Richmond Centre Mall. Brandon ate ice-cream and saw kittens at the pet shop. That was the most interesting part of the day for him.

The kittens reminded me about my cousin mentioning that they adopted 2 kittens recently. We're looking forward to visiting them one day to see their new pets.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

An Afternoon at the Park

It's been a while since Brandon went on the swings. The weather is finally starting to warm up and it was a great day for him to be at the park. Brandon's favorite was the swing. The last time he went was few months ago when it was still chilly; well the weather tricked us actually.

Brandon's daddy came home early after work and took him for a walk while I stayed home to finish some of my work. My husband sent me photos from his phone.

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