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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

School Sports Day 2016

Just one more week of school left for Brandon. His school already had Sports Day. It happened last month at the last couple of weeks and it was still earlier than most schools. This year, Brandon was in yellow team. The year before he was in blue team and red team in Kindergarten. Looks like he's been almost every team colour, except green. Perhaps next year he might be in green team, but we never know.

This year's theme was Star Wars related. I lent Brandon my light saber that we got from Disneyland during spring break.

I was volunteering for the lunch program where I distributed pizza to those who ordered. I also had the chance to watch some of the relays and races that our class completed. I brought my Nikon camera and took photos.

These are just some of the many photos I took:

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