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Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Hamster Pet

After dinner on Friday night, we drove all the way to Kitsilano area to pick up a hamster habitat (glass aquarium type) and accessories. We found this seller on Craigslist who posted it for $20. It included the glass aquarium, Timothy Hay bedding, 2 wheels, wooden hideaway house, 3 bowls, and 2 water bottles -- all for a good deal and in good condition. Mommy cleaned it and we set it up.

Hamster Habitat

The next day on Saturday, mom found someone (who breeded their hamsters) had Syrian Bear Hamsters for sale for just $10. It was half the cost of what pet stores sell for. The hamster was the colours I want: light beige and white. We went to meet the seller to pick up after dinner time. A man and a lady came out to the meeting spot with a box. They showed us 2 hamsters that were male. I picked the smaller one (although both were born the same day). The lady was super nice and told us to keep the the $10 and use it for our new pet. They also prepared for us a plastic container for transport (since ours didn't have a lid and the hamster might climb out). We thanked them and left. We went to the supermarket to pick up a bag of hamster food.

Syrian Teddy Bear Hamster Syrian Teddy Bear Hamster Syrian Teddy Bear Hamster

I was happy we adopted our new pet hamster. I named him "Squidgy". Looks like it is about 5 weeks old when we got it.

Syrian Teddy Bear Hamster Syrian Teddy Bear Hamster

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