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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Visit to the Museum of Vancouver #atMOV

Our next visit right after checking out the HR McMillan space Centre was the Museum of Vancouver. This is a separate museum in the same building as the Space Centre, but on the opposite side. Admission was also separate as well but we have inspiration pass to go inside for free.

There were displays on items we see back in the 80s. They were also items that were back from expo 86. This was long before little Brandon was born and this was when mommy was his age.

Some people thought neon lights were cool and amazing while others did not like it, so these were taken down. The museum have kept it for display.

Little Brandon had a hands-on experience with an old typewriter. I remembered my mom had one when I was his age. These things were way before electronic typewriters or even computers and printers were widely available.

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