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Monday, July 17, 2017

New Fun Games: Spy Code Break Free & Spy Code Safe Breaker from YULU Toys

I was always a fan of mystery board games, even as a young child. Not too long ago, I was recently introduced to a couple of new games by YULU Toys called Spy Code Break Free and Spy Code Safe Breaker. I was excited to try out these games with my son and have a bit of fun time together. These games have just released in June 2017 and are only available at Target (in the USA) and Toys R Us (in Canada).

Safe Breaker from YULU Toys is a new electronic game that combines spy skill, memory and a little bit of luck, challenging players to crack the code and break the safe. Because it was all new to us, there was a bit of confusion, but then we've figured it out after reading the instructions a few times. Here's what we did:

To start the mission, players pick a card and turn the safe combination to the corresponding number shown. Next, use the fingerprint scanner to test the number. If the light is green the safe will release some coins. If the light is red, connect the spy listening gear to the safe to hear a top-secret clue to figure out the correct combination code. The spy who collects the five golden coins or the two diamond coins first wins the game.

Break Free from YULU Toys is a challenging action skill game where the players must race to unlock their handcuffs as quickly as possible before anyone else.

First, all players handcuff themselves together and insert a maze into each handcuff. The game includes three maze colors: green, yellow, and red. Each color represents a level of difficulty, making each round unpredectable. Green color is the easiest, yellow is medium, and red is the most difficult. The fastest to break free from their handcuff receives a token that corresponds to the maze color. There are points on the back of each token. The player with the most points after playing all three rounds wins the game.

This game was quite a fun and challenging one! One of the other ways we tried is hooking the cuffs to the chair or table instead of each other and trying to escape to claim a token.

Here's an unboxing video by Brandon:

Thanks to YULU Toys for coming up with these interesting, interactive games!

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