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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chin Rash is Getting All Better

Remember my previous posts about Brandon's chin rash? He had a bit of a rash and infection that wouldn't go away. Few days ago on Friday (been almost a week now), I took him for his follow-up appointment with the dermatologist at BC Children's Hospital. I told the doctor that his chin rash has gotten worse since the last time she saw. Brandon chin did get better when he was taking the oral antibiotics for his sudden viral rash over his body.

He was using the expensive Elidel cream that didn't seem to make any dramatic improvements. Now, he's using an ointment that I think is working quite effectively. What he's using is Elicom ointment and the Fucidin ointment (antibiotic). We had given Brandon the Fucidin CREAM before, but the ointment is better since it keeps the skin lubricated. It's a little bit of a greasy-type like vaseline.

I am so relieved that Brandon's rash is finally getting better and that finally we've found the ointment that works.

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