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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Playground Fun at Guildford Mall

Brandon was excited to see daddy home because daddy had the week off before starting his new job at his current workplace. Daddy took us to the Guildford Mall in Surrey for the day and some quality time.

While we were inside the mall, we passed by a play area that I thought looked pretty cute and such a cool design. Sorry for the crappy quality. I forgot to bring my camera. Instead, I used my cell phone to take the pictures and video.

Here's the video I took. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

And here is Brandon having ice-cream (his very own ice-cream cone for the first time) after playing at the playground. Look at that messy face!

Coloring time! There were tables and chairs where kids can color and benches where adults can watch the soccer competition on the big screen.

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