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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day everyone (especially all the dads out there)! So how did you celebrate this special day? We spent Saturday at the mall with our little Brandon, went to the park, and had ice-cream at Dairy Queen after. It was a hot day, so ice-cream was refreshing.

Here is Brandon's creation for daddy:

During our afternoon at Lansdowne Mall, we always had to stop by the Toys-R-Us store just for Brandon. There were playhouse displayed just outside the entrance and Brandon had some fun playing in it for a while. It was a little expensive to get, but I wonder if I should find a used one... hm.... Brandon has so many toys already and I recently bought him a train table tho. Well, I took some photos because it was really cute!

Then later on we had a fancy dinner out at West Restaurant while we left Brandon with his grandparents for a short bit just for a little quality time with the hubby.

Lately, I've been feeling a little pressured and indecisive about having a 2nd child. When people ask, I tell them I'm not having any more kids. Now, some of my friends and relatives had or having their 2nd baby already; and my hubby wants to give Brandon a sister or brother.

I'm actually feeling scared about it. My list of reasons for being indecisive:
- afraid of the pain
- afraid of the headaches & frustration
- afraid I can't go back to work in a long time (I need income and single income isn't enough to raise 2 kids)
- afraid of being tied down

The only positive reason:
- a sibling for Brandon to play with and share stuff

How do you moms and dads handle with multiple kids? Anyways, it's late in the middle of the night and I should get some rest.

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