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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Spontaneous Cross-Border Road Trip

It was late morning when daddy decided to take us on a spontaneous cross-border road trip to the States in Bellingham, WA. Daddy had the week off work so Brandon got to spend more fun time with the family altogether. I didn't plan to buy anything, but just thought about looking at things we might need such as clothing, shoes, kids stuff.

Target was my favorite shopping place. I bought a few bottles of Gerber baby juice (one of each flavor) for Brandon. We can't buy them in Canada or anywhere in Vancouver as I haven't seen any. We only get the Heinz apple juices.

After having lunch and walking around Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham, we drove down to the Seattle Premium Outlets. It was still early in the afternoon, so we took our time browsing around the shops and let Brandon go on the rides.

It rained on and off. Then it was sunny. It was weird. The weather couldn't make up its mind. All of a sudden at one point, it rained hard. We stood under the covers and along the sides while we walked around the outlet mall.

Brandon didn't mind the rain because he was enjoying the rides and the little amusement sections.

Soon it was close to dinner time. We drove back to Bellis Fair Mall and had buffet dinner at the Old Country Buffet restaurant. Great value and the food was decent. There wasn't a large dessert selection though. We've never tried eating there before, so it was our first time at the restaurant there. Brandon was starting to become picky with vegetables and meat (oh noes!). He did eat a bit, but ate most of the casserole and mac & cheese. Of course, his favorite was the peaches and jello dessert (at least he got some fruits).

After having a big buffet dinner, we walked around the mall for a while and then let Brandon enjoy the kids play area. I was so full I needed to sit down and relax. Brandon had too much fun on the playground that he didn't want to leave.

We had a tiring day, so we decided to skip the Frog Hollow Family Drop-In the rest of the week so we can sleep in.

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