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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Patchy: Interactive Storybook App

Patchy the Patchdoll

The story is about Patchy, a little patch doll, who has been left behind in an abandoned house. So he sits by himself, and watches the world outside through the window in front of him. One day all of that changes. Patchy hears a little girl cry one rainy evening. He decides to cheer her up, and does the most wonderful thing a Patch doll could ever do.

Find out how Patchy won the sad girl's heart and became her best friend. This book is a caring story for children in the form of a poem, with bonus activities enabled once you finish the story!

What I think? Oh, Brandon enjoyed it lots. We've read Patchy for his bedtime story. He always enjoys ANY new books that comes along. When I read the name of the title, it reminded us of Brandon's favorite cartoon, Toopy & Binoo, where Binoo owns a doll named Patchy Patch. Anyway, this is a wonderful touching story that teaches children the meaning of kindness and friendship. The illustrations are super cute. The animations are engaging and provide more interest to the little readers. We hope the developer, author, and illustrator will make more of these animated storybooks.

Disclosure: I received a code to redeem for the above App at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. Thanks to Emantras Inc. and Crossroad Solutions. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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