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Monday, November 21, 2011

Brandon Mispronouncing Words

There are still some words that Brandon is having trouble saying or pronouncing. It's actually the letter 'S' and the letter 'U'. He's 3-years-old, but hopefully he'll get it soon when he's a little older. I think it's funny to hear him say it. Most of the time, I understood what he said to me. I occasionally had to correct him and ask him to repeat it back. Here are just some example words:

music = "muyik"
snacks = "nack"
snake = "nake"
escalator = "eligator"
schoolbus = "goobah"
star = "dar"
you = "ooh"
unicorn = "oohnicorn"

Does your little one have trouble with pronouncing too?

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Eschelle said...

I love baby/toddler speak it is such a funny language, almost like their speaking double dutch or something.

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