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Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Things a Nanny Just Can’t Do in Public to the Kids

Yes, you’re right; in many of these cases it isn’t a matter of public or private, they shouldn’t be doing them at all. But for any nanny out there that thinks they can do what they want with the kids, when their parents aren’t watching, there are other people watching who care about kids too.

1. Change their diapers – Now this may not seem like a big deal, but diapers do not need to be changed in a public place. A public restroom would be acceptable, but laying the child down in the middle of the shopping mall to change their diaper is not appropriate.

2. Physical punishment – Hitting, spanking or slapping a child is not an appropriate disciplinary measure for a nanny under any circumstances. It can generally be assumed that if she uses physical punishment on the children when they are in public, she certainly is using it behind closed doors.

3. Leave them unattended – Leaving children in a car in the parking lot or sitting by themselves in a restaurant booth, while the nanny runs an errand or attends to other personal needs could be considered child endangerment, which is a crime. The nanny’s number one priority needs to be the welfare of the children at all times.

4. Berate them – Belittling kids for any reason is not appropriate for any mature adult. It is inexcusable from someone who is supposed to be a trained childcare provider. This is certainly as true in a private setting as it is in a public setting. Words hurt!

5. Claim them as her own – Why a nanny would do this is hard to fathom, but her working relationship to the children should always be made clear if it is questioned in a public or a private setting.

6. Complain about their parents – Although there may be times when a nanny has legitimate frustrations with her employers, she should be responsible and mature enough to avoid voicing those frustrations and complaints to other individuals, when she has the children with her. The conflict between parents and nanny can be a very confusing issue for children.

7. Take on parental roles – When a nanny is in public with the entire family, children and parents, the nanny’s role becomes secondary to that of the parents. A nanny should never usurp the role of the parents in a public setting where the parents are available to handle their children themselves.

8. Expose them to inappropriate situations – Taking children into any establishment that might expose them to lewd behavior, vile language or adults who are intoxicated would never have a reasonable excuse. Endangering children’s minds and well-being would be a reason for immediate dismissal of a nanny.

9. Leave them in the care of strangers – A nanny should never trust the care of any her charges to a stranger in a public place. Even in an extreme emergency, calling on law enforcement would be a better choice than a complete stranger who happens to be willing and available.

10. Ignore parent’s rules – If the parents have set rules for their children, while they are in the home, such as rules about behavior or what can be consumed, a nanny does not have the freedom to ignore those rules, when she is outside of the home with the children.

The thought of any nanny exposing their young charges to any of these items in public can be a horrifying thought. Of course, thorough background checks and checking of previous references are the parent’s best security against hiring a nanny who would operate in such an unprofessional manner.

Disclosure: I did not receive any products nor was paid for this post. I was provided info from the company or PR firm to share. Thanks to for the article. The expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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susieparker1972 said...

Some of the items listed seem fairly obvious, but then again you never know. Parents who are really concerned should make sure the 'rules' are addressed in a good nanny contract. Doing so will serve as a good reminder to the nanny and will also provide good grounds for termination, in the event the nanny engages in bad behavior.

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