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Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Important Items for a Nanny’s First Aid Kit

Every nanny should have her own first aid kit that travels with her wherever she goes. You can buy first aid kits already prepared and filled, but a nanny has to prepared for injuries to children, in particular. These are ten items that should always be included in a nanny’s first aid kit.

1. Antiseptic wipes – When there is a scrape or wound, the first step is often to clean the area around the wound to prevent infection. Antiseptic wipes usually come prepackaged and ready to use for this purpose.

2. Tweezers – A pair of tweezers are an important piece of nanny’s first aid kit. Children seem to find slivers easily and a pair of tweezers are often necessary to grab hold of these tiny bits of wood.

3. Burn ointment – A burn ointment or spray is recommended for the treatment of mild burns and sunburn. These products can help relieve some of the pain of a burn. Of course, sun block with a high spf rating should always be applied to the children’s skin prior to spending time out of doors, to help prevent sunburn from occurring in the first place.

4. Instant cold packs – These are a great addition to the traditional first aid kit. No one can keep ice available at all times, but these little packs will work as a temporary solution to help keep down swelling from a bump or other injury that might swell.

5. Poison control number – When and where children will ingest a substance that isn’t meant to be swallowed cannot be predicted. It is important to always have this number handy to get immediate, professional advice on how to handle a situation of potential poisoning.

6. Bandaids – A nanny should have several different sizes and types of bandaids. Some of them could be the more kid-friendly kind, with more than the bland flesh colored covering, for those little hurts that are healed best with a smile.

7. Antibiotic ointment – A scrape or cut should be cleaned with an antiseptic wipe, as mentioned above, but adding some antibiotic ointment underneath the bandaid will add further protection against infection.

8. Anti-itch cream – For bug bites and mild allergic reactions, hydrocortisone or Benedryl cream should be carried in the first aid kit.

9. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen – Age appropriate fever reducers and pain relievers should be carried in the first aid kit also. These items do have expiration dates on them, so they should be replaced regularly.

10. Scissors – These are a much more important part of a first aid kit than many realize, until they need to use them. Many times they are used to cut the clothes off a patient in order to more effectively treat the injury. Scissors are just an all-around handy tool to have for many different reasons.

In addition to these general items, a nanny will also want to carry any prescription items necessary for emergencies with her particular children. This may mean inhalers for asthma sufferers or a bee sting kit for a child allergic to bee stings.

Disclosure: I did not receive any products nor was paid for this post. I was provided info from the company or PR firm to share. Thanks to for the article. The expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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MommyRehab said...

Great post. Always good to know what we should have in that box. I always forget once i use it and end up having to buy a whole new one.

Stopping by from the mbs alexa blog hop.

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