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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Space Transport LEGO Set

Did you ever play with Lego when you were a kid? I did. I think most of us did. I didn't keep mines though, but funny thing is that my Hubby did. We found in the garage a box of toys that he used to play when he was a kid. There were a lot of stuff we could clean up and pass on to our little Brandon. And there was this lego box in mint condition. It was the 1989 series space shuttle and astronaut set.

Brandon is old enough now to understand how it works so I finally brought it out for him to play (he just turned 3 a few days ago). He kept busy putting pieces together from his imagination. Then he wanted me to build him that space ship like the one pictured on the box. He found the instructions inside the box and showed it to me. It was the Lego set #6892 Modular Space Transport. It looks like a space rocket.

I haven't build anything with Lego in ages so I am having a bit of fun with this one.

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