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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dempster's Lunchbox Inspirations

Dempster's had just added to their site a community called Lunch Box Inspirations where moms can share tips, tricks, and recipes to get them through the school years. The site features content to help inspire new lunch ideas for busy moms (like you and me) with school-aged kids. You can easily search through the recipes and tips or sign up for the weekly newsletter to have inspiration delivered to your inbox.

What's my tip or lunch box inspiration? Because kids are little, I make bite-sized portions. For example: sandwiches -- my child usually get messy and eventually becomes bored if I give him a whole sandwich to eat. What I do is use cookie cutters and make shapes out of them. It gets kids attention and they'll eat it. I usually just consume the leftover cut-out portions. And another idea is that you can roll up ham and cheese sandwiches like sushi. Small bite-sized portions is easier for my little one to eat and less messy too.

I just love those bento lunches where you can make fancy designs or make a character face out of that you can eat it. It's like food art. It's pretty neat and it puts a smile to your child's face. :)

Leave a comment and share some of YOUR lunchbox inspirations.

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