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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little Helper

Most of the time, Brandon is a good eater. The other times, he would still eat but starts playing with his food when he gets bored.

One day, I had a great idea how to keep him entertained and not bothering me while I prepare lunch. I asked him if he wants to help me make ham & cheese sandwiches. Of course, he was so excited that it's something new to him. He likes to help sometimes. I also used cookie cutters to cut out shapes of his sandwiches. He enjoyed making the shapes and eating it. I got this idea from searching Bento lunch boxes and recipes online.

And then the next day at Frog Hollow's Family Drop-In program, they had sandwich day for the kid's meals. I told Brandon if he wants to help, then line up with the "teachers". I had to help him spread out the egg salad filling evenly.

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