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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brandon's Cold & New Bedroom Layout

What a week! Little Brandon got a cold (probably from school). I noticed Brandon's runny nose and I knew he was getting sick. He was really fussy the day before. Same thing with my friend's daughter on the same day! So when Brandon get sick, I noticed I get the stomach flu. And with that, my neck and spine pains are back. I need to make an appointment to see physiotherapy.

My back pain got worst when I fell asleep with Brandon on his single bed. It was very tight and there were barely any room for me to stretch. Brandon never wants go to sleep on his own without me. Anyway, last month I decided that I bring out his baby crib mattress and lay it on the floor. The layout worked well and we both had a better sleep.

Previous bedroom layout

New bedroom layout with new homework desk (smaller); can't see the desk, but it's the same place as the old one. More floor space now.

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