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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Sticker Art by Alex Toys - Review

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My Sticker Art by Alex Toys

With the My Sticker Art by Alex Toys, your child can create four vibrant pictures with hundreds of stickers in four fun themes: pizza, cookies, city and garden. This fantastic craft kit includes 4 Little Hands plastic frames to display their art when their done.

Features and Skills

  • If your child needs help peeling stickers, begin peeling a corner of the sticker and let your child do the rest.  This will help develop the muscles of the hand and you will see in time, that it will become an easier activity.   
  • Take one of the fun themes and create a picture. Ask your child to pick the stickers that have to do with the theme. For example, the stickers that would go on a pizza.
  • After they are done they can frame their masterpiece.
  • The stickers are repositionable so they can use them over and over again.

I was given the opportunity from to review this fantastic sticker art set for little Brandon. He is always eager to try new things. With the My Sticker Art, it gives Brandon the opportunity to get creative. He had sticker fun before, but this is kinda unique that he can make a picture and frame it up for display.  There's no need for glue, so no mess. It was nice and simple. We did one artwork each day. There were plenty of stickers for each scene, but we didn't use all of them. I helped Brandon peel off the stickers and tell him where the object goes. I'd let him stick wherever he wants in the right place. This also gets him educated in recognizing objects too. I love learning toys.

Pros: It was easy to set up and very colorful. There were so many stickers to give little Brandon some creativity. It's also quite fun to do.
Cons: The stickers didn't stick very well. The edges would occasionally curl off the paper. I had to rub it down to keep them in place. I think if I had it laminated, it would keep quite well.

There are many varieties of baby toys available at eBeanstalk that babies and kids can have fun and help develop their motor skills at the same time. Little Brandon loves vehicles. Don't most boys do? Here are a few that Brandon liked when we were browsing the website.

Disclosure: I received the My Sticker Art Kit from eBeanstalk at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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