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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Join the Fun with Pocoyo and Friends at Pocoyo World (CLOSED)

I'm sure many of you with kids have seen Pocoyo ("little me" in Spanish) on TV or on the web. Brandon and I love watching the show and we are big fans of the multi award-winning animated preschool series. It is viewed in more than 100 countries and is already an international hit. A new toy line is now available at Toys-R-Us stores nationwide. The Pocoyo TV series airs in the U.S on Nick Jr. (seven days per week at 4:25 pm).

In Pocoyo World, you get to great your own virtual "me" and enjoy games and adventures alongside your favorite characters, forming part of a virtual community where you can make friends and share activities. was recently awarded a Four Star Review by Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization which has become the nation's leading organization of its kind, helping millions of parents, educators, and young people make better decisions about the media and entertainment in their lives.

What can you do at Pocoyoworld?
Enjoyable and educational activities help you familiarize yourself with the world and encourage creativity. Games that stimulate skills and reflexes and award virtual gifts. Episodes and melodies are always available to you to enjoy online as well.

A world tailored to you
You will be able to design and dress your character as you please. Be yourself inside Pocoyo’s universe. In addition, you have a private area where you can let your imagination run wild, decorate it, discover new areas and get fabulous prizes by solving the most amusing mysteries. All by using a very basic controls system that any child can manage.

All of the characters from the series are there to help you on your visit. Play with Pato at the amusement park, visit Elly’s boutique or have fun coloring in with Pocoyo. In addition, you will be able to take care of your own virtual pet, buy it food and toys and make sure it is always happy by your side.

Unique Experience
A safe environment in which parents and children can share the experience of immersing themselves in Pocoyo’s wonderful world, discover, learn and have fun together. Make friends and enjoy the introduction to online technology in a familiar and enjoyable setting.

Here are a couple of screenshots of Brandon's Character:

Access to Pocoyo World – Free and Premium Options Available
Access to Pocoyo World is completely free of charge. After a simple registration process you will be able to enjoy lots of content in a safe environment. Just by registering you will have access to all Pocoyo World areas, games, activities, and shops, and you will also be able to exchange gifts with your friends.

Premium Club: Users who belong to Pocoyo World’s Premium Club will be able to access lots more content and areas, and get exclusive virtual objects (costumes, vehicles, interactive objects, etc.). In addition, they will receive a monthly report monitoring their activity on Pocoyo World and have the chance to take part in exclusive events and promotions.

At the entrance zone, there are little shops that you can get new clothes, costumes, pets, objects, toys, and other things. you need to get tickets to get them and you get tickets by playing the games at the amusement park. Some games can be found in other areas.

There are 7 areas/zones in the interactive world:

1) Central Square - Shops
2) Cinema - Multimedia area with videos and music
3) Pocoyo Workshop - Arts and crafts, coloring, counting, and more
4) Amusement Park - Games area where you can obtain tickets to purchase items at the shops
5) Park - Area with swings, slides, Pocoyo dance floor, and make friends
6) Pato's Garden - Learn about nature, plants and animals at the zoo
7) Pond - A place to go for a walk, sail, or explore

One (1) lucky reader will have a chance to win a 30-day trial code to Pocoyo World Premium Club Access. Chosen winner will be selected via Winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize.

This is a mandatory entry:
1) Visit the website at and tell me in the comment below who is your favorite character from the Pocoyo animated series.

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Contest is open worldwide. Contest closes December 16, 2010 11:59pm (PST).

Disclosure: I received a complimentary one-month access to the PocoyoWorld Premium Club at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. Thanks to Three.Sixty Marketing & Communications for the review opportunity. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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Citlaly Hernandez said...

pocoyo means little me in Spanish?? I am Mexican and we don't use that word to say little me...Anyway, the site is very good and mi little ones love it!

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