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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bruin Bath Crayons

Brandon loves to draw, especially on his MagnaDoodle. He's going to become an artist (just like mommy...hehe) Ok, so we got some new bath toys for him and daddy picked up a set of Bruin Soap Crayons with Duck Sponge from Toys-R-Us.

Product Description
Bruin Soap Crayons with Duck Sponge - Turn bath time into art time. Mechanical holders reduce crayon breakage. Includes 8 washable soap crayons & duck sponge.

The bright colors and sounds from Bruin Infant and Bruin and Friends baby learning and activity toys are great for encouraging interaction. The simple shapes and designs of Bruin Infant toys give babies and children the things they want to play with in a safe and fun format. Bruin Infant and Bruin and Friends baby bath toys, realistic pretend play toys and kid's musical instruments provide enduring quality and can only be found at Toys'R'Us!

The color (Brandon's drawing) was hard to see on the tiles and on the tub. Then I had an idea and thought I'd use a white color foam sheet. It works great and easily washes off. We were able to reuse the foam sheet for his next bath time. The only thing I didn't like was the soap crayons flakes floating in the water and won't dissolve. I think there are a bit of crayon wax because it does stick to the side wall of the tub at the water surface. But Brandon loves it and I'm happy that he likes it. It's just an extra step of cleaning for me. By the way, I use magic eraser sponges. Those clean great!

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