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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Potty Training for Boys: The Potty Express Review

I am currently potty training 2-year-old Brandon using his potty seat. It’s going a bit slow, but we shouldn’t rush this. I recently discovered Potty Express Disposable Urinals and thought it was quite different and would have Brandon try.

I received the opportunity to review the Potty Express. It is a safe, hygenic, disposable urinal constructed of non-absorbent, recycled paper. Boys 18+ months can potty train standing. Potty Express insures your child no longer has to climb onto a toilet or come in contact with the edge of a public urinal in order to potty. Your boy can stand naturally - like a big boy - and not have to sit like a girl.

The package contained 4 potty packs. The Potty Express was easy to assemble and the instructions also helped. I was able to affix it easily to the toilet. I’ve introduced the Potty Express to Brandon at home. Brandon was curious when he saw it. At first, he was still young to understand what it is or how it works and he wasn’t ready to try it anywhere else, especially in public washrooms. It was harder than I thought. Like most kids, Brandon just didn't have the patience. I showed him how I aimed at the target with a squirt toy. He quickly learned that. He would get it one time, but never happened again (just like the potty seat). We are still trying (on and off) with this potty training business. After some time of training, Brandon will be able to succeed his potty training. I think the Potty Express will help save on diapers.

PottyExpress offers a FREE TRIAL if you would like to try.

WHERE TO BUY: The product is available for purchase through their online store. The disposable urinals are available in 12-packs or 16-packs

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Disclosure: I received a sample pack from Potty Express at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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Candace Powell said...

Starting to potty train our child. Reading the experiences of other parents is very helpful.

Candace Powell

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