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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meeting up with Jericho

It was an exciting day. Brandon and I took transit (only skytrain) into Richmond to meet with baby Jericho (my God-son) and my former co-worker, M. Jericho is actually 3 years-old and is 1 year older than Brandon. It was Brandon's first time meeting him. M and I spent lunch together with the kids at the food court at Lansdowne Centre Mall. It was nice getting together and catching up. After having lunch, we went to Toys-R-Us to browse around and check out the Thomas & Friends PlayDate Event. We were supposed to receive the goodie bags, but the shipment got delayed. The staff had to explain to everyone that it will be in later in the week and will post a note at the front door.

The kids didn't want to leave Toys-R-Us. They wanted to play with the toys. And a final photo of Brandon and Jericho in their strollers after coming out of the store.

And here is Brandon in downtown. We were transferring the skytrain from there to head home. I haven't taken the bus with Brandon; only skytrain since it is so convenient and we only had to walk about 8 blocks home from the closest station.

Our final train ride to our destination. Look, here comes the train!

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