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Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to Using Cloth Diapers

Recently, I've decided to go back to using cloth diapers on Brandon again and try to be more eco-friendly. Brandon did use cloth diapers when he was about 4-6 months old. He used it for a very short time and I stopped because I was always tired and didn't want the hassle of scrubbing and cleaning them each time.

Now that Brandon is eating solid foods and his poop is more regular (instead of the water type when he was just a little baby), cleaning is a bit easier. So Brandon has been using cloth diapers for about a few weeks now and changing him about 8 times a day while at home. I still have Brandon wear disposables during bedtime and when we are out for long periods. The cloth diapers do leak occasionally if it gets really full. No experience with any diaper rashes as we are changing it often. He is still in the process of potty training for quite some time now (on and off for several months). The cloth diapers will be his training pants... kinda like big kid underwear.

I purchased the "BabyLand" (n Company in Asia) AIO pocket diapers through eBay. They have a variety of colors and designs, but I only wanted set all on 1 particular unisex design. I ordered 10 diapers with 20 inserts and thought it would be enough for my stash. The diaper cover inner liner is polyester while the liners/inserts are microfiber. I like these ones with the snap-on buttons as I can adjust the size as Brandon grows. These are easy to wash. I hang dry them they they dry pretty fast. I should have kept the ones I had before. Anyways, here's a pic of the diapers with the microfiber inserts.

So far, I am saving a bit with less spending on disposable diapers. I will still occasionally use disposables on long trips away from home. I would've saved a lot more if I thought about this earlier, like few to several months back.

Don't forget to check back for my upcoming cloth diaper reviews and GIVEAWAYS from various known cloth diaper companies.

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