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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brandon's New Haircut at Sparkyz

Brandon's hair was getting really long, especially his bangs, and it was time for his haircut. I usually cut his hair for him, but this time I decided to bring him to the haircut professionals. We waited for daddy to come home from his early morning hair cut (same day). We went to Lansdowne Centre Mall and had lunch first.

Brandon had his haircut at Sparkyz Kutz for Kidz. We've never tried going there before, so it was our first time. The wait time was about 10 minutes as there were other kids getting their haircut done. Then it was our turn. The lady was nice and she looked like she knew what she was doing. I kinda learned her technique so I can do a better job at home next time. It was very quick and easy. Brandon sat nicely in the airplane seat and behaved well. Brandon got to choose a toy afterwards. He picked "Sally", the blue Porsche from Disney Cars.

Sparkyz isn't a cheap place for getting kid's haircuts, but they do a great job so far during our first visit. Price is about $20-24. They offer stamp cards that each visit earns you a stamp towards a 7th free haircut.

Here is Brandon at home

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