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Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Program at Collingwood Neighborhood House

It was a friday and mommy (that's me) needed a break from her computer work. I woke up early around 8am to get ready and go check out the Family programs at Collingwood Neighborhood House. The program starts at 10am-12pm. Brandon and I took the skytrain over at 9:30am. We were meeting our friend Cecilia because she takes her little Brandon (same name) there sometimes. I haven't seen her in a long time.

Little Brandon's Experience at Collingwood Family Program: It was new to him and he noticed it wasn't the usual family drop-in program we go to. Frog Hollow Neighborhood House family drop-in doesn't start till next week. The first thing Brandon noticed were the toy cars. He loves cars and trains.

Brandon also enjoyed the pretend cooking with the "play food". The kitchen station was a bit different from Frog Hollow's.

There was also circle time and story time. Compared to Frog Hollow, they didn't sing as many songs. At the end, the kids can play just outside the backyard with the outdoor toys when it's not raining.

Ok, I had a rough morning... actually, more like the entire day. I don't know what was going on; it's like a dark cloud followed me around. It's not usually like this. What a day! Don't mind me ranting. What happened you are wondering? Read on if you want to know:

- Brandon wouldn't go potty or get his diaper changed in the morning.
- Brandon smacked my nose with his die-cast cars. You have no idea how much it really hurt. I had a big bump and a dark bruise. People asked me what happened to my nose. Oh so embarassing!
- My makeup brush slid down the drain in the sink. It's gone...
- The skytrain station we boarded happened to have electrical problems and delayed. It was only going on one side of the track and transfer from one of the stations.
- Brandon got hit in the face by another toddler girl while playing at the family drop-in. He cried. The poor thing!
- Brandon got pushed to the ground when another toddler boy was backing up in the ride on toy at the playground outside. He cried! Oh dear!
- Brandon rolled into the ditch while riding a Little Tikes Ride On Car, but didn't fall down. I think he hurt his ankle? He cried again. Oh, the poor thing! He doesn't usually cry this easily, but I guess the environment is a bit new to him also.
- Went back to the skytrain to go home for lunch, we missed our station because too many people packed and couldn't get out! Got off the next station to go back to the other side, but couldn't get on because people were shoving to cut in and didn't leave space. Finally waited for the next skytrain.
- We went to the nearby mall to have lunch and got off at Brentwood Mall Station. The elevators were out of order and had to walk 3 flights down the stairs holding Brandon's hand and carrying the stroller and a diaper bag. Phew!
- Went to my parent's for dinner. My dad blurts out saying that I don't know how to treat kids and that my husband is the opposite. I was like "what the..." Brandon was just grabbing the packets of the coffee (that are sealed and tied up) that my sis gave me. My dad said he shouldn't be playing with those. Brandon just came over and saw me holding it. What's wrong with that? I am so pissed. Every time we visit them, he always mention I'm such a bad mom. Ugh!

OK, went home after dinner and I had a drink of wine and cheese and tried to relax for the rest of the evening.

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