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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Toy Story Woody Costume Review

Does your child like to dress up or pretend to be one of their favorite characters? Looking for Halloween costumes or the ideal costume for a party? I was amazed of the wide selection of costumes that Costume Supercenter offers with great prices.

Costume Supercenter has kindly provided me the opportunity to review their wonderful product. We chose the Woody Quality infant costume for Brandon as it is one of his favorite characters on Toy Story. When we received the item, little Brandon noticed the package cover and was eager to open it. The first thing Brandon took out was the cowboy hat. I helped him put it on. The Woody character set also came with cloth boots and the cowboy bodysuit outfit. The quality of the material was great.

I like how easy and simple it is to dress up my toddler because you know how they are always moving about. The buttons are snap-ons and the printed designs on the costume are already on the outfit so we don't have to put on any separate pieces or extra stuff. It's very convenient this way too. The legs on the bodysuit of the Woody costume was a bit short for Brandon, but I was able to alter it a little and add the length. The size we got is 12-18m. Too bad there wasn't a size between 2-4 years. The same costume is also available in kids sizes and adult sizes and have more details on them.

Halloween is just around the corner (in a few months, that is) and we'll be looking for costumes to match each other. They have many sizes including plus sizes. The selection also includes infant/toddlers, boys, girls, teans, and adults. Check out their selection of infant Halloween costumes. They are so adorable!

To read about more reviews on other costume designs, follow Costume Supercenter on Facebook and on Twitter @CostumeSC.

Disclosure: I received this Woody character costume at no charge from Costume Supercenter in exchange for a review of my opinion. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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Ai Mei said...

That is super cute! I'm a new follower, came via the pitchiit.ning group :) I enjoyed your review. Charles was great to work with! :)

Laser Pegs said...

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The Spears Family said...

He looks adorable! I love that Costume Supercenter has such a HUGE array of costumes to choose from!

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