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Monday, August 9, 2010

PlanToys Sort and Count Review


This toy is designed to challenge children's sorting and counting skills. For safety precaution, all the rods are foldable.

Playtime Ideas
* Sorting or arranging the balls freely will help develop logical thinking and form the foundation to conceptual thinking skill.

* Let children count the balls by the colors and sort it to the height provided in each rod; this will help children develop fine motor skill and eye-hand coordination.

* While playing, elders should teach about counting, numeration, comparison (more than, less than etc) and mathematical vocabulary. This forms the foundation to basic mathematics.

* Parents should praise children when they can do it and advice if they are not able to do so.


Hubby and I picked up this new toy from PlanToys for Brandon. Brandon was so interested in playing with the demo product at the store and wouldn't leave. We found it a little pricey, but it's because it is made from quality, organic rubberwood.

Brandon had learned fast with the color sorting. He knew his colors, but occasionally he'll still gets the colors mixed up on the rods. This is a great stacking toy for toddlers and pre-schoolers.  All the rods are collapsible, so it wouldn't snap and as a safety precaution. The hole size is also large enough so little fingers won't get stuck. Brandon found a fun way to make noise and music by putting the wooden toy balls on his thumb and index finger and clicking them together. The wood is perfectly sanded down smooth; not like the cheap toys that can give you splinters.

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