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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pleasant Journey Super Assembly Track Review

Another new toy for Brandon. We just couldn't resist. We saw the Pleasant Journey Super Assembly Track at the MarketPlace while we were at the PNE fair last weekend. Brandon was excited to see the cars moving about. The Hubby decided to pick up the set.

Brandon loves the track. It provided hours of fun and entertainment for him. The tracks easily snap together and can be arranged in any order of colors and directions. This is great for developing a child's creativity and imagination with planning and layout. The cars (red and blue) both require 1-AA battery to run.

The only bad thing was the quality of the plastics on some of the parts. Brandon already broke some of the pieces just when I was setting it up for him. He snapped the swinging doors, so I had to super-glue that back together. The side mirror of one of the cars chipped off, so I also had to super-glue that back together. Now, I gotta figure out how to get Brandon to stop pulling off the rubber wheels from the cars. It's going to snap and break sooner or later. Oh I know, I'll replace it with rubber bands??


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