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Monday, August 16, 2010

OshKosh B'Gosh Boy's Shoes Review

It was time for Brandon to get new shoes and he should be now at size 8. His old shoe was a size 6, but we should've got him new shoes sooner. Those poor delicate little toes! Say good-bye to those Nike shoes. The new shoes I got for Brandon is the OshKosh B'gosh boy's brown shoes.

So this is a change for a different color and style of shoe that Brandon will be wearing. I love the new shoes I bought because it felt comfy and roomy (width-wise), light-weight, and nice color. Noticing the front toe part of the shoe, the rubber is extended a little higher. I think it is designed to prevent scuffing that part and to protect toes and make the shoe more durable. Kids sometimes tend to kick at things on the ground.

Brandon showing off his new shoes!

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