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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Visit to the Dermatologist

It was the day for the appointment for Brandon to see the dermatologist at BC Children's Hospital. It was very early in the morning and we got up at 6:30am for the 8am appointment (left house early because of the rush hour traffic). We met Dr. Julie Prendiville and she was a very nice lady. She and her assistant/nurse was also very professional with the issue regarding Brandon's eczema problem.

Here is Brandon in his little hospital gown and waiting patiently for the doctor to come into the room.

I brought all the lotion and cream to show the doctor and hopefully have or will prescribe the right cream for Brandon. Everyone's skin type is different and some lotions/cream may work better than others. We were advised to continue using the Elidel 1% cream as well as a new one she prescribed. She also advised to use hydrocortisone cream and the Betaderm ointment whenever his eczema or rash would flare up.

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