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Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Visit to the Zoo

Finally the long weekend (Victoria Day). It was Saturday and Brandon's daddy took us to the Vancouver Zoo. We had the 2 for 1 Entertainment coupon and used it. The weather was okay; not too sunny, but still a little wind here and there. It was Brandon's first visit to the zoo. He saw many different animals and seemed to enjoy his visit. He liked walking down the path and he even wanted to walk on his own without holding hands.

- Children 3 years old and younger: Free admission.
- Adult (16 yrs. - 64 yrs.): $20.00 per person
- Child (4 yrs. - 15 yrs.): $15.00 per person
- Students (16+ yrs w/ID): $18.00 per person
- Senior (65 + yrs.): $15.00 per person
- Family (2 adults, 2 children): $65.00 per family
- Train Reservations: $5.00 per person
- Parking: $5.00 per vehicle

You can check out the website for more information.

Here are some photos we took. If you like to see more images of the animals, head over to my other blog at "Jen's Blog of Random Thoughts".

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