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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Viral Rash Update

Brandon had both viral rash and infected eczema. Another weekend at the hospital emergency room. We took Brandon in because his rash seem to look much worse than the last time (which was a week ago). We waited 3-1/2 hours before the doctor/nurse came for our turn, but worth waiting. I hate hospital waits. We had two doctors came in. I wish I had taken Brandon to the emergency earlier for the second time. He was cranky all week. Poor little guy was suffering and we both barely got any good night's sleep.

Photos taken before he was taken to the emergency at the hospital.

Arms and Legs

Chest and Back

When we first took Brandon in, it was a viral rash. It started with red and spotty patches and later turned out scaly and bumpy. Then the doctors examined that Brandon had infected eczema on top. Scary! The doctors took some swab tests and prescribed some antibiotics, as well as a different cream to apply on the skin. We were also told to continue giving him Benadryl. After the 2nd day of the antibiotics, Brandon's rashes were less red and finally under control.

How Brandon felt the past week:
- cranky than usual
- little bit loss of appetite (he usually finishes)
- keeps scratching arms and legs and back of his head
- trouble sleeping at night

How mommy try to comfort him:
- give him gentle rubs where he wants to be scratched
- give him Benadryl
- apply lotion to affected areas
- wrap arms with cloth bandage to protect from scratching
- set up his favorite DVDs to watch & favorite snacks
- give daily bath with soothing bath treatments and/or salt

I'm praying that he'll recover real soon so he can get a better sleep and enjoy his playtime again at the Community Center Family Drop-ins.

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Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Ouch! That does look like a nasty rash! Both of my children have also skin problem (thanks to my husband's gene). So 3 people in the house that deal with rashes, little pimple buttons all over their body and so on... We solved the problem with a prescribed medicated cream. It does wonder but you have to remember applying it everyday.

Hope Brandon will feel better soon!

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