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Monday, May 10, 2010

Viral Rash

Brandon is in the process of healing of his chin rash. Now he had developed a major rash all over his body just the previous day. What's next? He was having trouble sleeping that night due to itchiness. The poor little thing! I thought it would've been heat rash from that same day we went out to the park and the local aquarium. I did apply sunblock. Maybe there were some germs that Brandon caught around the aquarium or from too many people. (EDIT: or was it scallop bits I didn't realize that was in the take-out congee my in-laws brought home? I don't know. It just happened at the same time.)

I was really concerned for Brandon's sensitive skin and I got scared that night. Since doctor's office doesn't open on sundays, my husband and I took him to the BC Children's Hospital. We waited in the room for 3-4 hours before a doctor came to see us. The doctor said it was a viral rash.

What is a Viral Rash?
- it is usually red
- blanches on pressure (pressing the rash will make it disappear, and comes back)
- red spots can be slightly raised
- it is usually itchy

There is no treatment. The rash will disappear when the body removes the virus from its system.

While at the hospital, Brandon was treated with Benadryl syrup, taken orally, to relieve the itch. Because he kept scratching, there were sores all over his arm. I often apply aloe gel on him to keep his skin moisturized and the aloe can promote healing. This is the medicine that the doctors recommended:

Children's Benadryl Allergy - Fast relieve of: itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, rashes & hives

Brandon will have to skip this week's "school" (Family Drop-In Programs at Frog Hollow Neighborhood House).

[MAY 11, 2010 UPDATE]
Decided to call the doctor that Brandon has been seeing to let him know about his current condition. There's a lotion he recommend to relieve the itching on the skin: Sarna-P Anti-Itch Lotion.

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