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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KidKraft Train Set & Table Review

The train set & table that I've ordered from Costco for Brandon have finally arrived and delivered to our house by UPS. It was free delivery and that was great. We wouldn't be able to carry it back home in our car as there was no room. The box was a bit heavy (49Lbs), so I got my brother and dad to carry it into the playroom downstairs. We waited for daddy to come home after work and assembled it together. Brandon was thrilled and he helped out as well.

It was quite a large table, but I kinda expected that when I checked the measurements beforehand. There were some toys I temporarily put away for the time being to give room.  Installing wasn't very hard. The instructions were easy to follow and the parts were all complete. 

There were a lot of train track pieces that we could also build a different design of our own.  And when Brandon is not playing with the train set, we used the table to play with other toys such as his little racing cars and do some coloring with his coloring books on the table.

Brandon playing with his new train set:

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