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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Visit to the Dentist for Filling

This was the 3rd attempt to have Brandon get his fillings done at the dentist. Can't believe he had to get a filling at this age. There was a bit of cavities underneath the top front teeth. Dentist say that it is possibly from drinking juice and because he was breastfed when he was a baby. I water it down every time when I first gave him juice to drink. Anyway, since Brandon is a bit older now, he was more willing (and a bit more brave). Good job! We finally have this done and over with!

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Emmy said...

So it was a success, then? Good job! Eventually, children get used to the environment at the dentist. All it takes is patience and support from the parents. It can be made easier by teaching them all about keeping the teeth clean and healthy.

Emmy Summers

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