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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Very Own Kitchen Set {Review}

Today, we went to the mall and had lunch at the food court. Later, we went to Walmart that is just in the mall and just browsed around. We always like to browse around the toy department to see what's new and see what's on sale. We saw a toy kitchen set (My Very Own Kitchen by American Plastic Toys). It was only $20 so hubby said it's not bad and I was still thinking about it. Then we walked around the clothing isle and I saw this cute Lightning McQueen Cars racing jacket. That was $25. So we asked Brandon if he wanted the toy kitchen set or the jacket. He picked the toy kitchen set.

My thoughts:
The box was really light so I assumed it wasn't too big. We would put it near our kitchen. When I took the parts out of the box, I saw there was a lot to put together. The cheap plastic was a bit warped so matching the screw holes was a bit difficult. It took me a while to assemble and I had to clip it all apart with an adams plier. After assembly, it does look a bit smaller than expected. Basically, you get what you paid for. I would only give it 2 stars for this product.

We decided to keep it since it was already opened and assembled together. And also Brandon will have something to keep busy with while I am cooking dinner.

- small size didn't take a lot of space
- comes with utensils and pans
- features stove, oven, and microwave

- took a long time to assemble
- cheap quality and plastic is thin
- flimsy and can tip over (so I put it against the wall)
- the toy cell phone included was kinda useless

I wish I would've gotten the jacket that I mentioned too, but I am waiting for the price to drop.

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Shash said...

That IS a cool jacket! :) That's a good price for a kitchen set for sure.

Jennifer L said...

We have had a play kitchen since my dd wasn't even walking and it has been well loved by both kids. Never go wrong with a play kitchen years of entertainment

Ms. Key said...

I guess for the price, you're right, you can't expect it to be top quality... still will provide hours of fun though! So, I bet it'll be worth it in the long run.

NPC said...

He's so cute! The jacket looks adorb too! Hope he gets tons of use from it! :)

Julia said...

Play kitchens are always so much fun for the little ones and so much less practical then clothing. Cheap plastic or not I bet he will get hours of fun cooking up food for you!

OrangeHeroMama said...

awww that jacket is so sweet!!

but the kitchens were a big hit when the girls were growing up! they actually played with it again today!(and they're 7 and 11!!)(it had been a WHILE though, honestly thought it was time to send it to a new home!)

Positively Pampered Patty said...

Looks like you may have the makings of a good cook on your hands! He will get more fun out of this for sure!

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