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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Frogs in the Park

It was another beautiful sunny day and it was the first day for the Frog Hollow event, "Frogs In The Park". I took Brandon in his stroller to Clinton Park early in the morning after having a light breakfast. When we got to the park, there were lots of kids and moms and grandparents.

It was a bit cool in the morning so I brought along a jacket for Brandon. There were a lot of things to see. The first thing Brandon saw were some books at one of the picnic tables and want to go there to take a look. We read a little bit, but got distracted by the fruit flies.

After a short while, we went over to the other picnic table where the other kids were doing some arts and crafts. The kids made ice-cream cones from construction paper. I helped Brandon make a couple with few different colored ice-cream scoops on the cone. He was more interested in rubbing the glue stick all over the papers and on the table.

Brandon lost interest, so we went over to see some other new things to play with. As we walked past the paved walkway, there was a bucket of sidewalk drawing chalk. Brandon went over to see what it is. I told him that those are chalks and told him that he can use it to draw and scribble on the ground. It was a bit messy because of the powder. It was all over his hands and I wiped it down with a tissue.

There was also a bubble blowing section. He loved the bubbles and also tried blowing the bubble wand for the first time. He did pretty good. He still need to work on the blowing.

There were sand toys just near the swings and slides area and Brandon noticed the dump truck in front of him. Of course, it caught his attention so we went over there and played with the sand. He never played in sand before. I showed him how to use the shovel to scoop the sand and poor it into the sand bucket. We also scooped the sand into the dump truck. Brandon had the most fun in this area and played with the sand for a while.

Soon it was clean up time. Everyone was asked to put the toys away and gathered around the big tree for "circle time" where we sang songs. Brandon never likes to sit still for the songs and singing. He kept walking away to pick up leaves from the ground and giving them to me. Brandon's hands were so dirty I had to take him to the washroom to clean with soap and water. I hate to see him touch food with dirty hands.

After we sang songs, there was a pinata event. We were divided into 9 groups and had the kids line up to hit the pinata with a small hockey stick. The other parent and I held the rope with the pinata. Brandon took a few wacks, assisted by one of the co-ordinators. The older kids hit pretty hard. Then there were candy falling out after one of the kids did the big wack. Brandon got a candy, but he was still too young to eat it so I kept it in my pocket.

There were lots watermelons that was cut up and shared with everyone. Brandon and I lined up for some and we had a slice each. It was great.

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