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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brandon's Balloon Dog

Last weekend, we went out to Aberdeen Centre in Richmond. We were walking along inside the mall and saw little cute balloon animals for sale. They were half price, so we decided to by a doggy one for our little Brandon. He loved it. The balloon dog is floating because of the helium. These balloons are made by a company (in Japan) called S.A.G. Balloons.

The funny thing was that everyone looked at Brandon and commented how cute he was pulling his balloon dog around the mall.

The balloon is already starting to deflate, but we can always get more helium into it from our local dollar store.

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RoseBelle said...

That's so cute, a balloon dog? My girls would love it. They want a pet dog but my husband is allergic to pet dander so no pets in the house for us!

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