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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bottle feeding Success

We began introducing the bottle to Brandon at his 2nd month. He was strictly breastfed since day 1. We used the Playtex drop-ins with the latex nipples. We also bought the silicone slow flow nipples separately. At first, it seemed okay and then he refused. He didn’t like it much and kept pushing it away with his tongue. He would just squirm and cry. He hated the latex one because of the taste/smell of it.

We stopped for a bit and tried giving him the bottle again in his 3rd month. This time we gave him the Chicco branded glass bottle with the silicone nipple. He did okay; still refused occasionally. Then we heard about this brand of bottle called Adiri. We went to the store (Toys-R-Us) to find it. They have it, but it was pretty expensive and costing around $18.00. Thought we’d take a chance and try it and bought the 2nd stage one (for 3-6 months). He was 4 months and he is actually accepting it a little bit each day. I’d express about 1-2 ounces to it. Now I am starting to mix half fresh and half previously frozen breast milk.

Here are the many solutions we’ve tried:

* Latex nipples: does not like the taste
* Thawed previous frozen milk: does not like the taste/smell that had change due to breakdown of the fat when frozed
* Chicco bottle w/ freshly expressed breastmilk: okay; still occasionally refuse
* Adiri Bottle w/ freshly expressed breast milk: finally accepts after a few tries
* Adiri Bottle w/ half fresh & half thawed B/M: also getting used to it

Conclusion here is that the Adiri bottle works the best for Brandon and he is finally accepting the bottle. This may differ from each mother and baby.


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