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Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Bald Spot

Brandon is starting to have a noticeable bald spot at the back of his head. I am thinking it is from him rubbing on the “Baby Moov” head support pillow or something. I was reading online and a lot of babies have this issue due to friction at one spot when they move their heads. I was a little concerned at first and realized that this is normal. My mother-in-law thought it was cute and my brother-in-law thought it was funny.

Being a first-time parent, there’s so many concerns: like having a head support pillow to prevent flathead syndrome, but his head rubs and gave him a bald spot… or always trying to keep his hands from rubbing his face to let his cheek rashes heal (or from scratching by putting mitts on). And then again, he wants to suck his fingers due to him teething. *sigh*


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