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Friday, November 6, 2015

Two New Online Arthur Games

Now children and their parents can have more fun with Arthur Read, Muffy Crosswire, and the Elwood City community! Arthur Delivers and Waldo Loves Muffy are two new online games for kids ages six to eight that introduce them to logic and systems thinking. Each game debuts on the Arthur homepage, with Arthur Delivers also available within the PBS KIDS' virtual world, Kart Kingdom. "These games are a fun way for children to hone their analytical thinking skills," says Arthur's Emmy Award®-winning, Digital Producer Gentry Menzel. "Both are designed to appeal to kids' imaginations, and connect with their curiosity and their love of a fun challenge."

Arthur Delivers!

Arthur Delivers is a fast-moving systems-thinking game: Arthur and his friends have a bicycle courier service, and they need kids' help delivering as many items as they can. The gameplay is simple: just click the gates to guide the bikes. As requests increase, and more couriers are added, a player must make lots of quick choices. As a bonus, if kids are logged into the PBS KIDS virtual world, they can earn special power-ups to help increase their score.

Waldo Loves Muffy

In Waldo Loves Muffy, a game based on a logical-thinking curriculum, kids help Waldo (Muffy's imaginary friend) find his way back to Muffy, collecting as many hearts as they can along the way. There are dangerous obstacles, such as creepy eyeball creatures and tiny passages, and dead ends abound. Players place pieces into the game to turn Waldo left, right, and diagonally to help him complete the journey. For added fun, kids can guide Waldo to the magic hat, which transforms him into Cowboy Waldo, Elvis Waldo, Sherlock Waldo, and more!

Each game offers kids a rewarding chance to develop solution-based thinking processes, all while having fun with Arthur and friends.

Produced by WGBH, the Emmy Award®-winning PBS KIDS series ARTHUR explores childhood challenges with heart and humor, while teaching problem-solving and pro-social skills. On the ARTHUR website, kids, parents, caregivers, and teachers can access a variety of fun and educational games, lesson plans, and activities. Families can also keep up with Arthur and his friends on the new ARTHUR Family Health Website - a resource that helps caregivers and children build and maintain healthy living habits.

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