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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

KoalaSafe Turns the Internet Off & Manages Kids Online Time

Children today start playing on mobile devices while still in diapers. As they get older, parents may find it more and more difficult to regulate screentime, as they argue with their children to put down their devices. With the revolutionary new KoalaSafe, this is a problem of the past. KoalaSafe is it's own wireless network, which you can schedule to turn off, thus turning the internet off.

Restore screen-time balance at home this holiday with simple solution that automatically manages kids online time!

With more than 30 percent of U.S. children playing with mobile devices while still in diapers, according to children’s advocacy group Common Sense Media, it’s even more critical to give kids time offline by disconnecting their devices automatically. KoalaSafe is here to help parents restore the online balance in their homes in today’s digital world.

KoalaSafe is a family-friendly WIFI access point that is easy to use:

• Unpack box and plug into existing router
• Create a new wireless network at home for children's smart devices to access
• Set time limits, block inappropriate sites and apps, plus get parental insights via mobile devices

Stop constantly fighting over endless hours spent on games or YouTube videos, or worrying about what sites kids might access — parents just setup and the KoalaSafe box does the rest.

After seeing first hand his nephew becoming more addicted to Minecraft every day and his sister battling to manage his Internet time, founder Steve Pack created a better way to help parents regain some balance at home.

If plans this holiday including a child getting a new smart device, that’s your “KoalaSafe Moment.” Make sure to get KoalaSafe to easily manage their screen time, available for $99 from Amazon.

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