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Monday, January 28, 2013

ToddlerTrunk: Online Social Marketplace for Moms and Dads

How to Declutter, Save Money, and Be Social — All at the Same Time

Many moms and dads face the problem of their kids outgrowing clothes and toys quickly, leaving these items behind to fill closets and playrooms — and leaving parents wondering what to do with all this stuff.

You may not want to throw out items that are still in good condition. Throwing out old children’s stuff is also terrible for the planet. Take ExerSaucers, for example. Everybody uses them since they help keep babies entertained. However, once they’re no longer needed, ExerSaucers often end up in landfills where they will not decompose for a very, very long time. Giving your unneeded children’s items to charity is a good option, but many charities don’t accept used children’s items. You can sell your kids’ used stuff online, but other re-sale sites are not targeted to parents, so they don’t have categories showcasing gender, age, or type of item.

ToddlerTrunk was created to address these issues. ToddlerTrunk provides a way to buy and sell gently used children’s items, but it is targeted to moms and dads, so everyone on the site is looking to buy or sell children’s stuff. The items are organized by type, gender, and age, making it easy to find the toys, clothes, or furniture you need.

Unlike other re-sale sites, ToddlerTrunk tries to put a face on everyone’s profile to create a community of parents in your area. Users have the option of signing into the site with their Facebook or Twitter accounts, so you have a better chance of knowing if the seller or the buyer is a friend, a neighbour, or an acquaintance.

You will be amazed at how quickly your friends join and a community is made in your neighbourhood. A community of parents who can meet to swap items, have a laugh on the blog, or join conversations through the ToddlerTrunk Facebook and Twitter pages. In trading, selling, and buying kids’ gear, you get to meet other parents, while de-cluttering your home and saving money.

ToddlerTrunk ( is an online social marketplace where moms and dads can buy, sell, and trade anything for their little ones. ToddlerTrunk has gently used items as well as new and handmade items. Users can also give items away for free in exchange for Rubies. Think of a Ruby as having a value of $10.00.

ToddlerTrunk is currently available in Toronto and Vancouver. It is expanding to Edmonton/Calgary and Montreal in the next few weeks.

Disclosure: I did not receive products nor received compensation for this promotion. I was provided info from the PR Firm/Company to share. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of other consumers.

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