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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Recess Music Helps Kids Learn to "Share"

A New Best Foot Forward CD
Release Date: March 26, 2013

"Someone Else's Shoes gathers 15 tracks from some of the most talented artists in children's music. The wide-ranging and contrasting styles offer lessons in empathy, friendship and understanding differences." -- 2012 Parents' Choice Gold Award review of Recess Music's Someone Elses Shoes

"These 15 songs are perfect to use when starting discussions about bullies. They promote self-esteem and polite actions, often offering positive and constructive choices to deal with the problem." -- School Library Journal Starred Review of Recess Music's Big Bully

Hot on the heels of its 2012 Parents Choice Gold Award winning album, Someone Else's Shoes, Recess Music, a company dedicated to helping kids value a world that is wise, fair, and generous hearted, looks forward to the March 26 release of Share!, the fourth in its "Best Foot Forward" series of CDs (Big Round Records, $12.99, for ages 3 - 11, run time 47 minutes).  Other titles in the "Best Foot Forward" series include Someone Else's Shoes, Big Bully, and U R SOME 1.

All the songs on Share! celebrate sharing and generosity as key actions for bringing harmony and understanding into classrooms, neighborhoods, and homes.  The album features 15 tracks that showcase contributions by some of today's most gifted kids' musicians, including Renee & Jeremy, Dog on Fleas, Ben Rudnick & Friends, Charity and the JAMband, and Noel Paul Stookey ("Paul" of the legendary folk-singing trio Peter, Paul and Mary).

Share! opens with the folk-like clarity and simplicity of Jack Grunsky's "Something to Share" and continues with Charity and the JAMband's relaxed, but slightly sassy "Green Beans Everywhere."  Other album highlights include Renee & Jeremy's low-key rhythm piece, "Share," the Mexican flavor of Jack Pearson's "Mi Casa, Su Casa," The Sunflowers' display of Dixieland jazz energy on "What You Give Is What You Get," and Ben Rudnick & Friends' exceptionally fine string band offering, "I Need a Hand."  Kids are sure to enjoy the country two-beat narratives on Noel Paul Stookey's "Homemade Cookie" and Brent Holmes' "I'll Share My Spinach with You."  Dog on Fleas offers another take on the ever-popular sound of country two-beat that features call-and-response, with "Give It Away."  Leeny & Tamara provide a change of pace with their electro-pop "Taking Turns," while Anna Moo brings the album to a mellow close with "I'm So Proud of You."  Rounding out Share! are musical offerings from Kelsey Friday & The Rest of the Week, Shé, Bob Schneider, and InsideOut A Cappella.

In 2013 Recess Music's "Best Foot Forward" series is all about generosity and gratitude.  Recess Music's founder/producer Nancy Doan explains that, with Share!, she decided to focus on sharing because, "Children are not born with an innate concept of sharing; instead, generosity is something we learn.  Very young children do not want to share their toys or their Mommy or their food.  The only way little ones learn to share is through the encouragement and examples of the adults in their lives."

While experiencing a multi-faceted life as a mother, wife, and minister, Nancy Doan became convinced of the need to make the world a better place through a two-fold approach:  sustaining our environment and teaching kindness. When the onset of systemic lupus erythematosus dictated a career change, Nancy cast about for a way to continue to serve the causes to which she had dedicated her life.  This search ultimately led to the creation of Recess Music as a company dedicated to the twin goals of environment awareness and social empathy through its "Celebrate Earth" and "Best Foot Forward" series of recordings.

Share! is now available for pre-order at, and, upon its release, will also be available at and its international affiliates, iTunes, and brick and mortar retailers throughout the U.S.


Something to Share -- Jack Grunsky
Green Beans Everywhere -- Charity and the JAMband
Mi Casa, Su Casa -- Jack Pearson
What You Give Is What You Get -- The Sunflowers
New Kid - Shé
I Need a Hand -- Ben Rudnick & Friends
I'll Share My Spinach with You -- Brent Holmes
Taking Turns -- Leeny & Tamara
Help Each Other -- Bob Schneider
'Give,' Said the Little Stream -- InsideOut A Cappella
Happy -- Kelsey Friday & The Rest of the Week
Homemade Cookie -- Noel Paul Stookey
Share -- Renee & Jeremy
Give It Away -- Dog on Fleas
I'm So Proud of You -- Anna Moo

Check out the Recess Music website at

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this promotion. I was given info and streaming links at no charge from the PR Firm / Company. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of other consumers.

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