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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brandon vs. our Cat Momo

This is our cat Momo. Our little Brandon loved him (and always wanted to give him cat treats) until one day Momo hissed at him probably for being too loud and skipping around the place with toys.  Brandon got scared and didn't know what was going on with the cat.

It all started when Grandma & Grandpa was out for vacation and Momo got lonely upstairs, so Momo would come downstairs in our space a lot. This was about a month ago. He's usually upstairs most of the time because he likes napping on the window sill. Since we live in the basement, there are barely any windows he can see outsite. What happens now is that whenever little Brandon sees Momo in the hallway near his playroom, he would run back into his playroom crying (every single time)! He is too scared to come out to our room by himself.

A few times Brandon tells me that he wants us to give away Momo and get a small pet like a hamster or goldfish.  Ever since then, little Brandon had been so scared of the cat. It was never the same!

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