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Sunday, December 9, 2012

3 Holiday Must Do Kid Crafts

The following is a guest post by Jason Miner from Thank-you Jason for your time in putting together this great article with holiday craft ideas to have fun with your child.

The holidays are all about spending time and making lasting memories with your family. Crafts are the best way to really connect and bond with your family. Not only does it get you in the spirit but it fills that down time you may have. Try these 3 fun crafts:

Melted Snowman Cookies
: These cookies are not only delicious but adorable! This is a great family craft activity that will take up your whole evening.

• Bake sugar cookies (homemade or from a package depending on time.)
• Pour white icing over cookie to give it a melted look.
• Decorate marshmallow as a snow mans ‘worried’ face with sprinkles and/or icing.
• Use icing, chocolate chips, candies and sprinkles to create the snowman’s ‘outfit’.
• Place marshmallow onto sugar cookie while icing is still warm, allow sitting and drying. Enjoy!

Snow Globes: What is great about this craft is that it gives your kids a chance to really be creative. Gather Christmas themed objects that fit into a clean mason-like jar. This craft is one your pre-teen daughters will love!

• Use small toy trees, Christmas stars, miniature ornaments, and candy canes as your main object. Adhere the object to the underside of the mason jar lid with a glue gun. Allow it to dry.
• Sprinkle glitter, confetti or fake snow found at your local craft store in to the mason jar.
• Screw the lid with object onto jar and flip over, instant snow globe!

Pine Cone Ornaments: This is great for any age and is a fun way to create ornaments and memories to hang on the tree every year.

• You will need pine cones, glitter, sequence, buttons, thin ribbon, paint etc. Items that you think would decorate the miniature tree (pine cone).
• Allow your kids to get creative.
• After they are done, tie or hot glue a thread loop at the top to hang on the tree!

These three crafts are perfect for any age and child, it really allows them to get creative and use their imaginations. Supply them with the crafts and watch them get excited! Happy holidays to you and your family!

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Jason Miner plays a vital role for He is an expert in writing topics of different categories. He is helping the carnival team to grow & working on making this an even better place for bloggers.

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