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Monday, August 27, 2012

Travel Tips for Kids - from Cooper's Pack

Brandon Rudd, Publisher of the hit new travel book series for kids - Cooper's Pack Travel Guides - can provide tips and tricks on traveling with your kids!

Brandon didn't start traveling himself until he was 30 years old, so he has a passion for helping the younger generations travel and have fun with mom and dad in new cities. Cooper’s Pack has launched four children’s travel books (so far) featuring London, Seattle, New York City and Alaska.Look for Paris, Athens and Bangkok in 2012!

Brandon's Top Travel Tips for Kids:

1. Learn about where you are going before you go.

EXAMPLE: Read a travel guide, search the internet, talk to a relative or
friend about their experiences there). Everyone wins when they are invested
in trip.

2. Bring a friend...

EXAMPLE: Bring your best friend...if they can't go, bring your favorite
stuffed animal friend. Stuffed animals love to travel too!

3. Take a camera!

EXAMPLE: Take pictures of your favorite sites, stuffed animal and things
you can't see at home.

4. Bring a small backpack

EXAMPLE: Bring a small backpack so you can carry your camera, stuffed
animal, travel guide, area map and any souvenirs you buy.

5. Carry snacks...candy bar, string cheese, gummy bears, granola bars, etc.

EXAMPLE/BACKGROUND: You never know when you are going to get hungry and
sometimes food is not always available, especially on an airplane.

Other suggestions:

-Pack light, don't bring a pillow
-Buy a souvenir
-Take notes about what you saw and where you went
-Make sure everyone in your family/group gets to see/visit something they
-Try the local food
-Always visit a park if there is one nearby
-Be safe and make new friends

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Chris SA said...

Traveling with kids can certainly be challenging. But with proper planning and preparation, the result can be a relatively stress-free and life-changing experience for the whole family!

Chris from

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