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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mega Bloks Play'N Go Table

I love Mega Bloks toys because it provides kids imaginative play and motor skills development. They can build blocks however they want. The Mega Bloks Play'N Go Table includes a foldable table, 4 interlocking table top pieces, 22 MEGA Blok shapes and pieces of varying sizes, one page of stickers, instruction sheet.

The MEGA Bloks Build'n Go Table is easy to set up and put away because you just fold and go. There's a handy storage compartment underneath the tabletop that can hold MEGA Bloks pieces for fast, easy clean up. The lightweight table has two handles on the side so you can carry it like a compact suitcase. It's light and portable and easy to carry around.

The table legs can be unfolded down and snap into place. I didn't find it very steady because it occasionally loosens out and one side just flops down. It stays better for flat surface floors than carpeted floors. There's enough bloks to build various bridges and "pretend" towers. What Brandon loves the most is the toy car with the little person in it.

Another use is that I turned it into an activity/drawing table since we didn't have a small table. It was the perfect height for little Brandon to draw and make crafts. We have a kids chair so he sit with the table in front of him.

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