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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Lego and Hide 'N Play Tent

I finally have a review and pictures on Brandon's birthday gifts from his uncle Ken. We received a big Toys-R-Us parcel in the mail with Brandon's name on it and then that's when I figured who it was from. We opened it together and it was Brandon's favorite character. We received the Lighting McQueen Lego Duplo and the Cars - The Movie: Hide 'N Play Tent. He loves it and he says, "Thank-you, Uncle Ken!"

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Lego Duplo

It was a coincidence that Brandon started playing Lego toys at home, but this new one is the Duplo (bigger pieces for the little toddlers).

Description: Includes Lightning McQueen race car, cactus and checkered race flag. It provides a bit of imagination and creativity of the Duplo pieces. Brandon likes to stack up the square blocks to make Lighting McQueen look like a really high monster car.  There aren't a lot of pieces to play with though.

Disney Cars Movie Lightning McQueen Playtent/Playhut

We have a similar playtent/playhut, which has the plastic colored balls. This playtent is nice and it is lightweight. The bottom is opened, so it is a bit flimsy, unlike our ball tent. The material is non-woven fabric. I was expecting it would be better quality. When it opens, it's quite big. Brandon had fun hiding in it and he even pretends he's camping and putting some of his toys inside. He even likes to play with it upside down where the top is opened.

It has a Patented Twist N Fold technology allows for instant set-up and easy storage. I had trouble understanding the instructions on how to fold it back in its original state to go back into the box. It drove me nuts trying to fold it back, so I went to check videos on YouTube to see how others did it. We don't have a lot of space in the house, so I put it away for a little bit. I occasionally rotate his toys so Brandon doesn't get bored easily.

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